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EU plan to resettle 5,000 migrants and up funding

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Ireland ready to aid in resettlement and funding in conflict zones, says Minister

Migrants, who are trying to reach Greece, are rescued by members of the Greek Coast guard and locals near the coast of Rhodes. Photograph: Eurokinissi/Reuters
Migrants, who are trying to reach Greece, are rescued by members of the Greek Coast guard and locals near the coast of Rhodes. Photograph: Eurokinissi/Reuters
It follows the loss of up to 950 people on Sunday some 95km north of Libya. If confirmed, it will be the largest single loss of life in a maritime incident in modern times.
EU foreign and justice ministers meeting in Luxembourg agreed a series of measures to help combat human trafficking and mass migration into Europe, including a proposal to double the funding for the EU’s search-and-rescue operation Triton, and a plan to resettle 5,000 immigrants in Europe.


EU leaders will consider details of the “10-point plan” at Thursday’s summit, which was convened yesterday by European Council president Donald Tusk at the behest of Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi. Italy and other southern Mediterranean countries have long argued that they shoulder an unfair burden when it comes to migration, and have urged the EU to take a multi-nation approach to the issue.
Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan and Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald were among the 41 ministers at the Luxembourg meeting.
Speaking to The Irish Times Ms Fitzgerald said Ireland would engage with EU efforts to tackle the humanitarian crisis, including a proportional involvement in the proposed resettlement programme as well as the provision of humanitarian aid to conflict zones.
“We are talking about a considerable crisis and a serious humanitarian issue. It is vital that we work together to tackle this crisis, particularly in the area of people smuggling and human trafficking.”
Ireland, along with Britain, is not a member of Frontex, the EU’s border-control agency, because it is not part of the visa-free Schengen travel zone.
Mr Flanagan said Ireland would “play its part” in forging a collective EU response to the crisis. Noting that the issue of immigration “remains taboo” in some EU countries , he said it was hugely significant that 41 ministers from 28 member states had come together to discuss migration yesterday.

Distress calls

Italian and Maltese authorities reported receiving distress calls from at least two other vessels yesterday, the first a dinghy carrying between 100 and 150 people, the second a larger boat carrying 300 people.
A third vessel also ran aground off the Greek island of Rhodes, leaving three dead, with a further 80 rescued.
Speaking after yesterday’s meeting, the EU’s foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, said the 10-point plan showed a “strong reaction from the EU to the tragedies” and indicated “a new sense of urgency and political will”.
Among the other proposals in the plan include the establishment of immigration liaison officers in key countries, a proposal to offer immigrants return travel packages, and the introduction of fingerprinting for incoming migrants.

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