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How To Remove Blogger Attribution Gadget (Powered by Blogger)

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Steps To Remove Attribution Widget on Blogger Blogs.

1) Go to Blogger Dashboard => Template tab => Edit HTML tab (New Blogger Interface) or Go to Blogger Dashboard => Design tab => Edit HTML tab (Old Blogger Interface) and click on Expand Template Widgets check box

2) Search for the code below
in your template. Use ctrl + F to locate it
<b:widget id='Attribution1' locked='true' title='' type='Attribution'> 

3) Once you find  the attribution code, change “true” on locked to “false” as shown in the image below


4) Save your template.

5) Go back to Design => Page Elements to check your success. The widget lock command has been disabled, so you can now move, edit and remove the widget.


6) With the remove button available, you can now remove the attribution widget from your blog.


1. Go to Template ==> Edit HTML and and click on Expand Template Widgets check box

2. Click Ctrl+F and search for Attribution1 in your templates.

3. Then you should see some like the one shown below in your template:
<b:section class='foot' id='footer-3' showaddelement='no'>
<b:widget id='Attribution1' locked='true' title='' type='Attribution'>
<b:includable id='main'>
    <div class='widget-content' style='text-align: center;'>
      <b:if cond='data:attribution != &quot;&quot;'>
    <b:include name='quickedit'/>

4. Remove all the code except the one you see in red.

Finally, view your blog and see the changes. That’s all.

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